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The gorgeous morning glories that line my front hedges continue to be a source of inspiration and joy as they open every morning to greet the sun and celebrate each new day.

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I have been fascinated to find that I am not the only one that appreciates them as I find new critters enjoying them everytime I take time to observe.

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The glowing blooms are hard to resist, but this morning as I was leaving bright and early for an estate sale (haul video coming soon) I captured a moment of nature's beauty so lovely I was compelled to share.

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As I walked past admiring the morning glories I notice one of them shaking... I looked closer and saw something protruding from the glowing center of the bloom. I realized it was a bee bottom!

Luckily as always my iPhone was close at hand and I was able to capture this video of the little bumbler at work.

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Once viewing his move still by still I became aware of just how athletic his bee exit was.

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He was not simply just backing out of the flower, he was flinging himself backwards in an epic barrel roll move to achieve a position and distance from the flower to once again use his wings for flight.

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Now that is trusting yourself! Go little bumbler!

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Another bee bum shot cause who could get enough of that little bumbler tush!

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Bumble, how I adore

Your bumble



Until we meet again may your day be bright and beautiful, bloom on!

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That was a cool video thank's for showing it.

That bumble appears to look drunk when he rolls out of all of that glory!! <3 Thank you @beartribune for sharing <3


🤣🤣🤣 hahaha! So true @badmom Thanks so much!

WOW Sooooooo cool <".."> i loooove it ! Thank you for that great sharing <3

Beautiful Morning Glories!


Thank you so much! I love them so 💓💓💓

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