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Ok guys, this is part 2 of my professional photos of the animals. I hope you enjoy these pictures :) 


You both do a great job on steemit. If you like animalphotography we would be happy if you join our Africa safari trip on steemit.

Thank you!Awesome photography! Just voted on your posts

Thanks. I like your lifestyle: travel, fitness, crypto ;)

People are the biggest 'animals' on our planet

Nice pictures!

Would totally hang out with that orangutan by the way...

hahah yeah he was soo cool!! i feel thou they might abuse the animals a bit! he looked so tired!

Haha! Orangutang was really cool, we just hoping staff looking after those poor animals well

I am very glad to see your post and I am very glad to meet you. I hope you will always be happy.🌹🌹🌹

Nicely done.

Thank you that's @allasyummyfood pictures

The giraffe is super cute! I would have loved to get close and take photographs with the orangutans and apes. It’s crazy how closely we are related to them. Thank you for sharing more of your holiday photos

Thank you, it was such a nice place and close contact to animals, lovely place to be

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ahaha so funny the pic with the gorilla :)