The Starting Point That Will Also Be The Exit - curated by Rose Pacult

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Let me talk directly to the audience for a moment:

Rose Pacult does incredible work. The writer of many books, the curator of so many shows, Rose Pacult once more finds herself in the midst of a serious degree of artistic talent, this time in merry old Paris, France, today at 11:00 continuing onwards until 17:00 on the 28th (tomorrow or today? Depends on your location). Yes Beach Sloth is aware how little time this gives everybody to seek it out. Sometimes Beach Sloth moves at a sloth’s pace, due to their inherent nature. For this festival, presented by the Queen House Festival, a dedicated team are on hand to help with any particular inquires. They include the fantastic Valentin Leblance, Ugushi Ogonor, Nicolas Rodriguez and Jessy Paolozzi.

The Souvenir Museum is allegedly next to a terrific pizzeria. Art is best taken with a slice of pizza. Historically it always has been and in the future art will be paired with pizza, as shown by the former actor’s cover band “The Pizza Underground”. Everyone in the show requires souvenirs to be brought to the show, to truly help the show along. With a penchant for snow globes and classically inclined objects, the show thinks about what souvenirs truly mean. In French, a souvenir has a more mental, less physical quality to it, akin to a great memory. Out in the United States souvenirs add to economic output. Souvenirs gain additional power only by default in New York, Boston, and other equally souvenir-led worlds.

Juste Ici goes first with their support of art projects in public spaces. The organization has some handmade books within the vast space. Carrying out artistic actions with people is their game, and they are in it to win it. Going through artistic routes and urban spaces, they acknowledge that art surrounds, comforts, and welcomes. For such an organization they have a fine cafe, named Chez Urban. A true living space, it is where curious people meet, volunteers and artists in a unique atmosphere.

Katy Dresner stars off the video installation focus, with a two-sided video installation. Media takes a lot from people, people create their own culture every day. Yet the concern is whether or not we act differently from this, knowing we are constantly on display. Does this sort of duality mean that media projects itself on people or does it mean they are enlightened. While the actual enlightenment time period indicates a wide body of things, it also continues on far beyond even our years.

Joyce Polance offers oil paintings, one of those things a person would hope to see in a curated collection.

Julien Fargetton draws the world a bath. This bath is put onto all sorts of canvases for people enjoy seeing the world drawn so richly. A canvas party continues with Matthew Julian Murphy’s work, as it investigates the misdeeds of the canvas, never an easy thing to do.

Films present themselves within this fine exhibit. By far one of the most popular artistic forms, films make it easy for the viewer to accept an entirety new realm. “Mountain Village” shows off the curious world of replication of an Austrian village in China, courtesy of the fine talents of Eric Winkler. Additionally for the piece an original music score comes into the fray thanks to the talents of Benedict Drew. Honestly at some point every single city everywhere in the world has a brother or sister city elsewhere there are only so many names to go around.

Sebastian Acker lives in both London and Berlin, two hip and happening places. The winner of countless prizes for those unable to count, quite countable for those able to count, he keeps himself busy. A visiting lecturer, his work appears strewn across the lovely internet-laden realm.

Yet another London-based artist appears: this one goes by the name of Phil Thompson. Quite a multi-faceted figure, Phil Thompson’s work has been exhibited internationally. Researching a PhD he still manages to find time for his solo shows across the entire world.

“Ask About War” allows for a number of opinions on the long-simmering conflict over Nagorno Karabakh. The anonymous audio recordings further emphasize the hidden and suppressed opinions people have, presenting a truer view. Film is courtesy of the intrepid explorer of the mind Vladic Radich.

Disco balls may seem a bit dated, but honestly the whole thing still has staying power. Even decades after the invention of the disco ball, bitter truths come to people with such ease from a harsh unforgiving decade. Vikenti Komitski lets the sound of the drone transform the space into something that feels so physical, so intense with the droning waves washing down on the audience.

Quaint and sleepy towns are the worst. Bee Grady, no relation to an actual bee of the honey-collecting variety, reunites with a ghost. That ghost has been waiting for a while because honestly what else do ghosts do, besides wait. Ghosts have a huge amount of time to kill, and at least this time the ghost gets to hang out in a cool art exhibit for many to know her story for the first time.

Simon Allen works in stop motion animation, ironically named because because that animation goes hard. Focusing on the miniature, the way stop motion animation works is to show the true devil in the details, even the angelic ones. Entire worlds go on outside the periphery of the average run of the mill human being, and with stop motion animation it forces the viewer to slow down for a moment.

A monster that eats shoes will never go hungry. Monsters love shoes. They are a tad bit eccentric, though given the other things they could potentially eat a shoe feels rather benign in all honesty. Matt Pacult explores the impulses of shoe-eating monsters.

The Devil Lives in Hollywood is the truth. Amy Lockhart lets the collages speak for themselves alongside a naively sung poem. Confusion and disillusion about the way the world is run feels very now, for the world has become an increasingly harsher realm. Besides making films, Amy Lockhart does animation as well, allowing for an entire world to come right out of her mind.

Sawako Kabuki’s “Summer’s Puke” offers a little glimpse into her tongue-in-cheek realm. Pushing boundaries, she certainly knows how to expand her horizons letting her sharp gaze reach everyone. Quite daring, her work seems amply suited for the music video realm.

Sense 8 features the fine special effects of Markus Butkereit. Pyrotechnics are a must and not just for bored high school students, but for artists too.

Chaotic parking is real. Millions participate. Only one can win. Sasha Kurmaz wants to win.

A number of performances shall take place with much merriments. Regie Xenia Lesniewski, Julia Rublow, Kid Chocolat, and Rose Pacult are among the finest of the performers. Kid Chocolat thinks he is known for taste in movies, but really he’s known for being named after a universally admired dessert. From various puddings, to candies, to14463055_10210912733399178_2063340953339957031_n.jpg even high-end chapsticks, chocolate has made a huge influence on literally billions of people, both living and dead. For a fine addition there is the always affable Rose Pacult. Beach Sloth recommends checking out Rose Pacult’s vast body of work, from the written word to the performed word to the spoken word. Without words it would be hard to truly understand Rose Pacult’s greatness.

Georgi Tomovo Georgiv lends social media notifications become the new music. About time somebody give social media a voice. Besides Georgi, there is also POL who gives a bit of grace to electronic music. Since the early 90s, POL has brought the beats to the blast that is post-industrialization. Fashion comes into the equation with Dante Goetia’s works, a nice nod to the world of clothing.

Of course all of these words do not do proper justice to the fine art. Beach Sloth wishes they were hanging out in this fine exhibit, hiding in the background and not talking to anybody as is it their wont. Those who can go ought to go. It will be a most memorable time indeed.

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