7 Winter Sunsets from the Outer Banks

7 Winter Sunsets from The Outer Banks, NC

I am very lucky to live in a place that is surrounded by amazing bodies of water. To the east we have the majestic Atlantic Ocean, and to the west, we have the Roanoke Sound.

As often as possible, I watch the sunrise and/or sunset. Since I live right on the western portion of the Outer Banks (which is a long barrier island chain off the coast of North Carolina) it is very easy for me to skip down to waters edge and take a few snaps of the end of each day. It brings great pleasure!

Here are 7 shots I have taken in the last month.


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Amazing shots! Oh I miss the OBX!

Wow nice shots. Water bodies are amazingly beautiful and adventurous to explore. Breeze from from water bodies always leave us with fresh minds and ideas

Watching the sun rise seated at the water bodies is an amazing experience cos the water bodies keeps reflecting and this could go a long way in making our day.

These are such beautiful shots! Living in Mexico, I try to do the same, although sleep often keeps me away from the sunrises:) There is, however, something indescribably humbling and calming with witnessing both a sunset and sunrise, isn't there?! Cheers!

wow. amazing scenery.
you took these pictures yourself too.
damn, what a sight

Lucky you, must be great watching the seas change with the seasons

amazingly beautiful photos. You are Lucky lol.....

It’s weird to think about east coast ocean sunsets.

They are awesome. I love the coast.

I look forward to meeting you in June. Upvoted and followed.

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