Bicycles collection [ENG-FR]

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Today I show you my pictorial collection of bicyclesAujourd'hui je vais vous montrer ma collection imagées de bicyclettes
these are not my bicycles but all those that I photographed here and there 😉ce ne sont pas mes bicyclettes mais toutes celles que j'ai photographiéesb ici et là 😉


I like to photograph the most original bicycles possible,j'aime photographier les bicyclettes les plus originales possibles,
I always take the time to stop to photograph them when I find one that is worth a look 😉je prends toujours le temps de m'arreter pour les photographier quand j'en trouve une qui vaut le coup d'oeil 😉


some are no longer really in circulationcertaines ne sont plus vraiment en circulation
but we often give them a second life as a decorative object, plant support for example ...mais on leur donne souvent une seconde vie comme objet décoratif, support de plantes par exemple...


or as a sign ...ou comme enseigne ...
here for a restaurant, as I showed you in my post on the city of Yvoireici pour un restaurant, comme je vous l'avais montré dans mon post sur la cité d'Yvoire 😊


I also stop to photograph bikes which are not so extraordinary but which I find a somewhat old-fashioned charmje m'arrete aussi pour photographier des vélos qui ne sont pas si extraordinaire mais auxquels je trouve un charme un peu vieillot



even a very rusty relish like this bicycle pictured on Noirmoutier beach in Vendée ❤️voire même un charme très rouillé comme ici cette bicyclette photographiée sur la plage de Noirmoutier en Vendée ❤️



I wish you a cheerfulday.png


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These are so beautiful collection, I actually have noticed on and off bicycles in your posts, especially coming from Münster, Germany this is a bicycle student city in Germany where many people have few different types of bicycles and no car. That type of transport remains one of my favorite and like you noticed too decorating the old once with baskets of flowers in front of shops that is something that really make the place and bicycles attractive :)

Oooh you are from germany 😊..and where do you live today ? where is your beautiful stones house..? In Scotland ?

Yes, we are in Scotland now, due to my work it is already 7 years now, the time flies but we still have our house in Germany too, my mother is law still lives there and we are lucky that she is still healthy enough to look after it too, so our summer holiday is to spend in our other house there. Of course my husband says it is not holiday being there at home and here at home. But I really enjoy it :)

the last one my fave here!