photography a pair of oteng-oteng who are mating to multiply their offspring

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about my post tonight discussing the beauty of small animals
Oteng-oteng or kuya lice attack the leaves by eating young leaves to young stems. Severe attacks can cause the plant to leave the leaves by leaving leaves until it finally dies. image

I found a pair of oteng-oteng on one of my cultivated pumpkin leaves, and it looks like they are marrying to develop their offspring. image

Oteng-oteng multiply by laying eggs.The oteng-oteng eggs are usually placed in the soil, leaves and remnants of dead host plants.The oteng-oteng eggs are white and round oval.Larva oteng-oteng is gray-black, somewhat fat with the thorns on the surface of the body. Often-oteng encountered in the field of cultivation, especially on the cultivated land of eggplant, cucumber, cepokak, melon, gambas, pumpkin and watermelon. image

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