a small bat that falls between the palm oil midrib

in photography •  last year  (edited)

Dear friends stemians...

how is this morning, hopefully in good health everything and continue to work in steemit ...
on this occasion I want to share a story about an animal that is a bat image

This bat I got while I was working on a palm oil plantation that fell from palm stem image

Bats are night animals that fly around to find food and will sleep in the middle of the day, mouth-shaped like a mouse with a muzzle mouth shape. Bats live in clusters that will do a lot of activity at night. Of course we know how these bats and also any habit of a bat this.

Bats as the identity of one of Batman superheroes is indeed a lot we meet anywhere, they usually eat fruits or other small animals. Bats accustomed to living in dark places are always accustomed to clustered and will come out together from hiding if it is late in the evening. Back to the discussion on whether bats include birds

thank you for reading my blog. I hope you like. best regards @baniang89

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