a small animal that destroys my crop

in photography •  last year  (edited)

Dear friends stemians...

hello steemit friends, how are you all on tonight, hopefully in good health everything. it's been a week more I did not make a post on my steemit account, well this time I want to share about a small animal.
Ladybugs are insects that enter into the family of arthropods and the hemiptera order. This smallish stature does not experience metaphorosis perfectly. It has thin and transparent wings. And a shaped mouth structure is like a needle.

The process of breeding this paternity is necessary to pass marriage so that females can fertilize the eggs and breed.

I found this ladybug in one of the tomato leaves I planted, so my tomato leaves are now so rotten and curly fed by this ladybug image


#thank you for reading my blog, I hope you like it. best regards @baniang89

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