Day Five: Seven Days of Black and White - A Challenge!steemCreated with Sketch.

Have you heard of the seven day black and white photo challenge circling on every form of social media?

Well, it's a thing, and it's happening now - So there, you can't say that you haven't!


Oooo, what's in that picture @ballinconscious?

Not only is this a new trend, but I've been nominated by none other than the badass @rigaronib to help this trend make it's transition into the Steemit world!

But wait! Just like with most things in the world, there are "rules" (guidelines, really):

7 black & white images that represent an aspect of your life
Present one image every day for seven days
No people
No explanation
Nominate someone every day. Although anyone can join in
Use the tag: #sevendaybnwchallenge as one of your five tags

Now it's my turn to nominate another Steemian to keep this moving forward.

So without further ado, today's nominee iiisss...drum roll

My bro @Barrydutton!

Lets see if your up for the challenge!

Now get to snapping some more photos!

Alright guys and gals, I hope you all enjoyed this original content! Be sure to watch for more black and white pictures coming from the camera of @ballinconscious'es red Nikon or @danilamarilu's T6 Canon. Check out my past sevendaybnwchallenge post below.

My previous SevendayBnWchallenge posts!

Ballin every day, in a conscious way!

Thanks for supporting my posts by upvoting, commenting, and resteeming ^_^ @ballinconscious


OK, 5 of my people are lined up, here is my day one post naming Miss Missy in Vegas for day one!

I know, too many replies and updates on your post today right ??


I am thorough!

Awesome, I love how pumped you get when setting your mind to something. ^_^

Yes, lots of replies but I don't mind replying to them! Happy to have friends to reply to.

lovely photography

Thank you, I appreciate it.


So what is not said, is do we make a post on this each day or just post each reply to you here LOL.

MOL I guess we make a post each day and follow your rules you have above right???

Like our DM's said today on this, the timing of this is eery, like freaky seeing what I had put up 2 mins before I found your msg LOL.

So my post today cannot count then????

I am impersonating a Storm Trooper there but they are mean, I am not sure they are people, but they could be statists actually.

Plus you cannot see my face LOL.

-- dialogue please!


i am so glad we are friends, we started from the bottom and.....

-- you know how that song goes.

Say hi to your girl for me broseph.

Haha, I am pretty sure make a new post each day, hence the tag.

What is MOL? Yes, they are more guidelines than rules though.

Yeah, very interesting. It show that you and I are in sync with each other/the universe!

You could make it count if you wanted to :p

I saw it, I really like it. lol Yeah, brother from another mother. I will indeed say hi for you to her ^_^

I am getting my post/template ready for the week, and have most of my people lined up!

-- it starts with this one for me!!! Will monochrome it now....

Awesome, that is cool that you name is on it.

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