ColorChallenge FridaySkyBlue "Ulee Lheue Port"

in photography •  last year

Here it is my second photo to Colorchallenge FridaySkyBlue by : @kalemandra

ini adalah foto ke dua saya untuk ColorChallenge FridaySkyBlue oleh : @kalemandra

The photo is located in the Ulee Lheue port, Meuraksa subdistrict, Banda Aceh. This is the only port access crossings to the Weh Island.

Foto tersebut berlokasi di pelabuhan Ulee Lheue, kecamatan Meuraksa, Banda Aceh. Pelabuhan ini adalah satu-satunya akses penyeberangan ke pulau Weh.

Thank You and Happy Weekend

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Nice photography. Visit me back to @auliasiddiq

That little stretch of coast behind the boats seems like a great fishing spot with a nice view.

I like your ColorChallenge post today that pattern is awesome. I enjoy learning about new people and different cultures.
Any way if you and anyone reading this would like to see my #colorchallenge post
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