Bridge of my memories

in #photography5 years ago

Hai Steemit friends, this is my shoot on recreation place in Aceh.

Why this photo I made black and white [B&W], the answer is simple, because I really like.

MakeCanon EOS 60D
LensModelEF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

before I shoot this photo, there is my funny story on this bridge, a month ago I slipped while stepping on slippery stone and fell into the river precisely on this bridge when photographing fisherman, so I failed to get the object, and I ended up going home with no results because my camera exposed to water.

That's the story, so I shoot this bridge to immortalize. Fortunately all my friends do not know, if they know then will laugh at him. LOLLLL

This Photos Taken By @azirgraff

Thanks For Visiting My Blog. Best Regards @azirgraff


very remarkable you @azirgraff worth in appreciate the results of your portrait photographs you may be very suitable in call as a reliable photographer hopefully the results of your photo shoot got good results. extraordinary what you do is as an example of a unique and good shooting

hahahaaha Thanks @mulyadedi

@azirgaraff You have a lot of experience in taking pictures, your picture is very good for me not the color.

Anda mempunyai bakat melihat kecocokan warna pada gambar hingga gambar bisa anda edit menjadi lebih sejuk.
Seperti anda punya bakat ya adun @azirgraff

Thanks @muslemtumin21, it's just an ordinary work ...

your photo explains that you are a reliable photographer

upvoted&followed :)

I like your posting

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Classic-style photos, and proper shooting Angeles.

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