What's the problem I didn't use that many and seriously where's the problem with that.
I shared a photography and because I'm new I want people to see my content, that's my only way since I don't have followers.

I'm still learning how the steemit ecosystem works, but If I have to point out one negative side is that many steemit users just search for the smallest things to point out just to gain followers and rewards..

Looking at your blog, you're not much different from me when it comes to using bidbots..
Why didn't you just skip my post insead of trying to make me look like something that I'm not!

Who taught you that a single photo can be a photography post? The platform for adding value and interact people with sharing information. Do you seriously think that single photo deserves a 49.91$ value? Seriously?

If you are new and such things happened unconsciously I'd like to invite you BDCommunity, where they are committed to supporting members, especially newbies, who unaware of working on Steemit.

I have removed my flag. Hope you will happily learn about Steemit and give your effort to build the community better!

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