Happy Birthday Champion

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For those who are passionate about sports fashion, and in particular for the 90s, with their hooded sweatshirts and windbreakers built like blocks of colors, all gaudy, to recall the style that was, unauthorized not to have in his wardrobe some items by Campione, always one of the leading brands in the world of sportswear. Founded in 1919 Campione celebrates the year of a century of success and for the occasion has launched a 100-year global campaign for the team, which aims to collect team stories, clubs and groups - sports and non-sports - from all over the world to tell what it means to be a team in 2019. A spirit to be celebrated, encouraging the team to share their passion for teamwork through the hashtag # Champion100 or on the Champion100.com website: some of these are then selected to show in the video of the brand's campaign: «We must look go on, recognize how the strength of a team can change and improve the world and what Champion's contribution is, "said Jon Ram, president of the group. The 100-year campaign for the team will be launched with a video whose protagonist is the emblem of how important team spirit is: the great Magic Johnson. In the video, the athlete shares his thoughts on what really makes a team great. The collaboration with the legendary Magic Johnson requires everyone the opportunity to know and explore an authentic story of passion and team spirit, but also to rediscover the heritage of a brand as a champion, present in the most important moments in the history of sport: from the clothing for college students to military uniforms, up to the «Dream Team», the gold medal winning basketball team at the 1992 Olympic Games. During the year, Campione will tell the stories of a long team series but at the same time celebrates the fundamental goals of the brand, of which the distinctive «C» is symbol and icon

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