Daily Photography: Shots Around My Own Town

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

Recently, I have decided to go outside in this cold weather and take some photographs. I am an amateur when it comes to photography, so please do not be too critical.

Just to let you know, these are not raw photos, they have been edited in Photoshop. The photos were taken on a Canon 700D with an 18-55mm lens.

My Photos!

If you have any feedback, that would be greatly appreciated!


My name is Joel, and I'm 18 years old, and I live in London, England. I am interested in computer science, and like any other 18 year old, I'm glued to my computer. It brings me joy when you have a tool as great as the internet to use to connect with millions over the world. Learning about new cultures and traditions.


Great pictures! congrats! wish you all the best

Thank You

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nice work!

I'm not the greatest photographer.
Technology has just go really good lol

Very beautiful photos! Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much! :)

follow me and must upvote me

Why is it a must?

what incredible photos I love, take a tour of. my blog when you can, I hope to continue seeing more publications like this :)

I'll try and see if I can check out your page
Thanks for your kind words

Lovely photos! Hope you share some more of those... And welcome to steemit!

Thanks a bunch! :)

Simplistic yet very powerful photos! Love the shot of the dandelion :)

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Lovely shot. My husband and I was blowing one of these puffy flowers yesterday and making a wish because that we did when I was a kid. I love being in nature and England is full of beautiful nature sites.

awesome photography , flower and the greenery are beautiful , keep going ,all the best

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