I Bought Myself A DJI Mavic Pro Drone for Christmas!

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So, I've been wanting a drone for over a year now. After doing a lot of research about six months ago, I decided that if I bought a drone it would be the DJI Mavic Pro. A few days before christmas my girlfriend was talking about how much she wanted one for like the 100th time. My crypto portfolio had also jumped like $1500 that day so I was feeling a little more ballin' than usual and I pulled the trigger and bought one on Amazon.

When I got the drone in the mail a couple days later I was sooo stoked but decided to wait until Chrismas to give it to myself so it would be a surprise for my girlfriend. That lasted like 24 hours before I broke down and got it out. After peeling @saysme off of me, I started to set it all up.

This is when I first started having trouble with the app. No matter what I tried, the app wouldn't sync with my remote. It worked on my girlfriends phone but not mine even though we have the same exact Nexus 5x. I eventually factory reset my phone and it started working at the expense of me losing all my text messages. I went outside and flew it around. The app kept on asking me all kinds of questions and disconnecting mid flight but I was happy to have it up in the air. Another thing I don't like about the app is that you have to power on your drone just to make adjustments to the settings and there is no way to program a flight path with out flying the route first. I had been fling for a few minutes when I decided to follow my girlfriend as she walked down an alley in the snow. Everything was going great until I got down to about 2 feet off the ground and the rotors started kicking up snow. The Mavic started freaking out and it's obstacle avoidance sensors got confused. All of a sudden it veered off to the right and rand into a tarp, breaking one of the rotors. I was glad it was only a couple feet off the ground and it didn't hit anything harder than a tarp but this was a good wake up call to how careful you need to be when flying.

Ok, so enough about the bad stuff. Once I worked through a few hiccups and got familiar with the flight controls, this thing is amazing! I'm only a few flights in and I'm starting to get some really cool footage that I'm actually proud of. Below is my first video. The best part about the Mavic Pro is it's portability. I took it a 6 mile snowshoeing trek and was able to fit it into a pretty small camelback The whole drone folds up into the size of a Nalgene bottle. Having a drone that is so portable makes it easy to take it places that are actually really cool to film and probably haven't been filmed with a drone before. The flight time is pretty good and lasts about 20 minutes before it hits 30% and the remote starts beeping like you just set off a smoke alarm. I'm definitely going to invest in an extra battery or two so I don't have to recharge after every flight. Overall, I'm super stoked on this thing. It's a pretty amazing piece of technology. Just 10 years ago you would have needed millions of dollars if you wanted to buy the equipment (a helicopter) needed to get shots like this. It really does seem like we're living in a sci-fi movie with all the cool gadgets that are coming out right now. Stay tuned to My Youtube Channel if you want to see more videos in the future.

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Great shots! Have fun with your new toy :)

great aerial shots man! and also the video is good! thanks for sharing! :)

Congrats on getting your Mavic Pro. I have one on its way as I write and man I can’t wait!
Safe flying and keep those Mavic vids flowing. 😀

DJI drones are awesome, I've been using my Spark around the southwest USA for the last couples days and it's amazing. Only complaint is the battery life, which the Mavic shouldn't have since it has twice as much flight time as the Spark.



hahahahahha lovely!

Happy new year . Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice pics and video was amaizing. Thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

If you dont mind checking out my blog for latest posts @kingjan. thank you

Nice job with the post bro. This is Reuben.


Hey bro! glad I finally convinced you to join!

I also purchased a Mavic Pro this past july as well.... And in my opinion, is absolutely BEAST. That location in your video is pretty sweet man.

I would hope that perhaps, you would take a moment to check my blog as it is predominantly aerial photography and videos I shot with my Mavic. Haven't traveled the world yet either but doesn't mean that isn't in the plans!

Ill be following your Mavic work closely.

Any tips or tricks you discover or questions you need, I'm the guy!


Thanks, I followed you.


I'll have to start using arialphotography as a tag. Did you start that?


I did not, but I sure add to the supply of content for that tag on a daily basis. Can't wait to see you add to the tag!

Steem on!

This is a great shot, and you have inspired me to make the jump myself. I have been flirting with the idea of buying a Drone, and even with all the App troubles you had.... just sounds so worth it. Happy New Year!

Spy tech ready, one day we shall have traffic jams in air...

A good choice. ;-) The Mavic is THE foldable consumer drone and the benchmark for all other systems! I fly my Platinum version two times a week. If you are interested in drone stuff, I am blogging about it: @tobstar2

I love my Mavic Pro. I always use it with my iPhone connected to the controller and have only had a couple connection issues since June 2017 when I bought it. It's the 4th drone I have owned, but by far the best.

Great shots! I have the DJI Mavic as well and love it.

Great shots! And the video is really cool too. Glad you shared (:

Contgrats for you DJI .. It's awesome and you are quite great to have some search on something and buy it. I will take this habit from you.. #stay blessed @austinhopper

wow :)
It's mine . Upvoted for your post !

Drones are fascinating gadgets, i can understand why you need to get it, i handled one of this bad boys and i can tell you with assurance you have a good taste.

Drones are cool. Great tools for capturing awesome photos or videos from a different perspective.

Thats a really good stuff bro ı really want to get one , ı hope you will enjoy too much with your new toy :)

happy new year @austinhopper wishing you a prosperous year.

I'm very proud of your work

dope, my friend had just got one recently. We’ve had so much fun with it

Woah, that is insane. Smooth video. We just got one and can't wait to post some videos.

Thats a superb drone you have 👍

Looks like amazing fun! Have you looked into racing drones!?


I probably wouldn't be into racing because I'd end up crashing it for sure. Maybe after I get more confident in my skills I'll look into it. For now I'm just really enjoying learning how to take good footage. There are online services that let you sell footage so I would definitely like to get good enough to do that.

Enjoy it! I always wanted a drone but now I don't even own my cameras 😭 😂 Maybe one day I will be able to buy my cameras again and get a drone.

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.

Beautiful shots! Did you shoot it in raw and if yes which software did you grade it with?


I shot it in 4k then edited with iMovie. When I uploaded the video to youtube it made the resolution way worse. I need to change my settings next time. Is this what you were asking?


Good job, mate. I meant did you shoot in log ? And the youtube compression struggle is real!

I just picked up a GoPro Karma (my first drone) a couple weeks ago and love it! While it has been a blast to own, the distance has been iffy for me so far and I believe my next drone will be a DJI Mavic Pro for sure!

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Wow! One of the best tool you can use in exploring the world of photography. How I wish I can get the same too.

The skies gave the best angle and perspective when taking a photograph.
Surely your Mavic can get it for you.

Just bring with you extra care! Enjoy! :)

great! @austinhopper I wish I could also buy it

when you have a drone you have to drop picture a day
keep it up nice one @austinhopper
support the new ones

Have fun with this! I have the same drone.

I've Been Wanting A Drone For So Log But Cannot Afford One. This Drone Looks Super Amazing And Instead Of Buying, Im Thinking Of Making One Myself. Not So Much Sophisticated Like U Have But A Simple One From Ice Cream Sticks. LOL The Skyshots Are Good And It Seems Fun To Play With It. Happy New Year To You And STEEM ON


The originality in this.. unparalleled.


True that

Nice shots buddy...

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Great post and thanks for sharing your experience with the Dji Mavric Pro. I am looking at getting one soon :)