Nature in Theme: Earth Tones

in photography •  7 months ago


This will be the first in a photography series highlighting various color palettes in nature. Enjoy this small collection of photos with an earthy theme!









All photos were taken by me with a Canon 6D. Feel free to use or share these photos as you wish, so long as you properly credit me, @ats-david.



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somebody needs to turn the little bug... 😔 hope it's not dead... @peekbit

These are legitimately good.



Wait a minute...

Are you saying that my previous photos weren't legitimately good???


lol, looking back some of those older ones may have been better actually. Most people just post crap photography consistently to get their auto upvotes.

belle foto! Good job!

What an awesome concept @ats-david and also a wonderful way of putting some focus on the appreciation of nature. My mom @lizziesworld takes a lot of nature pics so i will be sure to share this with her.

Fantastic pics too!!




Only a pleasure :)

Mother nature has it sown beauty and all the things that we can count on !

Nicely taken shots buddy !

Very sharp, beautiful photos! (maybe not the dead bug, though)

your pictures remind me my village ,which is full of nature flora and fauna, city life is very busy

@ats-david, You're the professional photographer I think. If not didn't taken like these captures. I every time like to naturalize captures and your captures deserve to save my desktop folder for future requirements. Amazing patterns Earth Tones.

you have some serious skill of photography. amazing photography and canon 6D is doing wonder for you. It is so nice of you that you allowed to use your pic. Thanks for sharing @ats-david

A great selection of photos. Deep tones, indeed they felt the power and mood of the earth. Did you take these pictures? They are very powerful, they come from a special energy. My favorite picture of fern leaves.

After long time you see @ats-david with classy naturalize theme collections. I remember before long time ago you posted glorious captures. Not taken again professional one. Just amazing.

This makes me really miss spring right about now! I can only hope soon the dead looking plants will finally start blooming and growing again in my area! Some of them are starting to not look so good with how wide of a range temperatures have been past month.

Some good shots there, Mr David.

I mean: "Nice fotograpy".


You spelled “crappy” wrong.


No, no free praise from me. I like the second, fourth, and seventh photo. The other ones, not so much, and I could critique them, but I am not good at doing that in a nice and supportive way, so I didn't.

Pretty sure this is ripping off my "Backyard" :TM: series, for which I was lambasted for making ... cuz pictures from your backyard aren't as cool as pictures from other places I guess.


What if you don’t have a backyard? Then you would probably love to see pictures from those who have one! Right???

I like the colors of each photograph, I take some to use in my whatsap profile, you see a shine and unique contrast, I do not know much about photos but they attract a lot of attention and when they are of the strangeness of our world much more

Beautiful photography @ats-david. I like your photo

nature is gift from God. For that reasone it's look so exciting.iam really proud of to be a part of you?

Nature is life-giving, and you've got a piece of it.

Great pics and a great idea doing themes like that!

I really liked it. I myself love to take pictures of nature. My pictures are worse in quality, but I do. like you, I try to find the perfect in small things. Your pictures are super.

the results of a very nice photography and beautiful-very much liked him thanks @ats-david

@ats-david has my witness vote! Come On Awesome want change on the platform, then make it so
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Hello @ats-david,

Firstly, these are beautiful images of nature that shows the pure and undisturbed colors of it. I like how you composed the photos and your control of the lighting, it's well balanced.

With your permission, I would like to feature your work on the next edition of #photocircle project for the series "nature".

I'm looking forward to your positive feedback :)


Sure, you can feature this. Thanks for the consideration!


Thanks for the affirmation :) It means a lot buddy.

awesome looking photography

impressive shots! I want to incorporate such colors on my palette. Have not though much of the water having earth tones, but amazingly it does. I wonder whether or not the insect is dead when the photo was taken or not.

I can feel the peace! What camera did you use @ats-david?

Wow, i like your pict!! Nice shot ya! I will see your next post, maybe it cant make me Amazing😁

Nature is wonderful. And these pictures have sealed the life in it. They are beautiful.

I like the tree with the moss picture. I love the way the background is faded away, and all the texture that is visible in the bark and the wrapping of the moss. Very nice picture. All of them are nice, it is just this one that really caught my eye.

What camera you rocking at the moment? You editing them as well or are they raw?


Canon 6D. I do some minor lighting and color correcting most of the time.

I love all the small details. Very nice!

Thanks to give your beautiful photography all of the project for the