Fall Fun at the Farm: Part 2

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After surviving the corn maze, we took a fun ride on the tractor's trailers back to the main area of fall festivities!

My wife and I continued our farm journey on the mild and sunny Saturday afternoon in early November. The laughter of children, the mooing of cows, the blasting of the corn cannon...the air was filled with festive farm charm! But what did we see as we meandered around the grounds of this enchanting rural world?

Let's have a look!

As we exited the hay ride drop-off zone, we made our way to the lengthy building that welcomes everyone to the farm. We were on the back end, of course. More pumpkins greeted us.


Back at the main structure, we made a quick stop to see what was inside and we found this nice little rest area. One of the small pumpkins really need to sit down for a moment. It must be hard posing with your friends for pictures all day. Poor guy was probably all tuckered out. Another pumpkin just passed out from exhaustion.

Won't anyone think about the pumpkins??? This is inhumane!


These are a type of squash-gourd.

Fun Fact: Keeping squash-gourds in your house is good for making people think that you're a healthy eater. The shapes and colors can also distract them from the fact that they're sitting on many layers of animal fur stuck to your furniture.


As we walked through a doorway, we saw a room filled with essential farm supplies. First on the list was a tractor, of course. Without that, you're not even a real farmer - you're just a plant and animal hobbyist.


And if you don't have any mini-tractors to go with your big tractor, then you're still a poser.

By the way...did you know that John Deere wasn't actually a deer? That's why he added an 'E' to his last name - to avoid confusion. I'm not sure that it worked.


Back in my day, this is how we plowed 10,000 acres of farmland...in the snow...uphill...both directions...with no winter coats...or shoes. You kids don't know how easy you have it with your clothes and your tractors...


And your electricity. Oh, what's this, you ask? It's called a lantern. No farm is complete without a dusty one of these lying around somewhere.

Fun Fact: Lanterns are the number one cause of barn fires since forever.


This was truly a great find! All of the necessary farm literature to get you started, including information about livestock types, feeds and feeding, animal nutrition, farm machinery and mechanics, and even a veterinary manual. But wait! There's more!

If you look now, you can also see some old Winchester pocket knives! They're the perfect complement for any farmer's library!


As we exited the room, we saw an amazing artist's rendering of some beast that can likely be found in most rural towns. There are many names for this beast, depending on where you live: Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Chupacabra, Yeti, etc.

Pretty frightening, isn't it?


After our fix of fawning over farming equipment and supplies, my wife and I made our way down to the animals. On our way, we saw a bird feeder, which really confused us. Why are they trying to attract and feed birds if they're also putting up scarecrows to keep them away? This seems like a racket for the scarecrow-making business!




This poor thing was the only flower in the field that was still alive. All the others were harvested or brown and withered. Survival of the fittest!


We approached the main animal housing area and saw a few fowl creatures looking to take a bath. The problem was that there was no water in the tub. They must have forgotten about the pond behind them.


Greeting us at the entrance was a trio of chickens.


Once inside, more chickens were excited to see us. I think. It is possible that they didn't care at all.

Fun Fact: Chickens don't care about anything at all. They're soulless beasts.


Do you know what other animal is a jerk? The peacock.

These guys were hiding around the back of the barn. I tried for ten minutes to get a picture of the colorful one but it kept its head buried under its wing, pretending to be grooming itself. As soon as I gave up and put my phone away, it popped its head up and looked around. I hate peacocks.


This little miniature horse just looked so dejected. It seems to have given up on life at such a young age. (I don't actually know how old it was.) Maybe a carrot or two would perk him right up? (I didn't have any carrots.)


This was one of the best parts of the entire experience! How can you not like a rabbit? Especially when they're so peaceful and as adorable as this one?


I'm not sure what the purpose of having goats is, other than having something to mow the lawn when you don't want to do it. They always appear to be a little "sketched out" to me. Why are they always so nervous?

"Hey, buddy. Keep it moving. Nothing to see here."


But there's always one...



That's all from the farm! I hope you enjoyed taking this little adventure with me!

I'm sure we'll be doing it all again next year! Now that the weather is changing and we're getting closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm sure I'll have plenty of festive holiday photos to share. Stay tuned!

All photos taken by me with my iPhone 8.


Image courtesy of @mynameisbrian

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I recently discovered the pumpkins at an exhibition. I had no idea of their variety of shapes and colors. The farm is just as it is seen in American films ...


You don't have farms like this in Italy? And no pumpkins??? How do you even survive over there?


In a world without pumpkins .... but with so many peacocks


That’s because it’s not a photo. It’s my interpretive art!


Interpretive? I bet you're part of a synchronized swim team, huh?


Oh, no! d0xxed again!

This is amazing! The Farm and Corn Maze we were at, has all the same features as the one you were at! Gollee!

That Billie Goat sure gets around. I'll be t he goes on tour to ham it up for the cameras - and that probably makes the pigs mad.

Do you think these animals are on steroids? I don't know. Those squash in the opening photo look unreal too. More GMO's?

What is this world coming to? LOL!!


All of the same features? What are the odds???

Yeah, the world is pretty messed up. Good thing lots of smart people are going to tell us what we can and can’t do with our stuff and our lives! How could things possibly get any worse?


Yep, we're at the nadir :)

Good post and great pictures again. Loved that first picture... that is some talent!


Yeah, I’m really talented with Photoshop filters. I’ve studied for years to get this good.


Ha! Well, now I know your secret!


Please don't tell anyone! I'd hate for my readers to find out!


Some already know.

I love to visite farms and see everything that comes with it! The animals are, for me, the most fun part! The goats..... I have no clue why one should keep them but I sure would because they are like amazing!
Great pictures and amazing post!

Snek hugs

That was so insightful and realistic I felt like I was there. I too am sharing your disdain for the colorful peacock now.


I’m going to start a peacock-hating trend. Please use the hashtag, #peacocks-suck.

We couldn't afford snow.

Could it be that one photo, most likely one of a fit and survivalist flower, is missing?


Snow is free...if the gods don’t hate you.

Flower photo fixed.

great photos, those yellow and green pumpkins wow. thanks for the tour.

I love your sense of humor and your photos too! Thanks for taking us on another trip through the farm in the autumn!

I really love and interesting to watch and read your nice adventure journeys blogs. All of studding ones and I read your past posts since when i followed you. You show this part grand landscaping view in that farm. Nice flower shot, its seems warm condition. Lovely birds, animals and equipment nice. Trio of chickens really attractive me. Great post.

I hate peacocks​ too, males are so noisy! Pfff


Yeah...but... females!



Yeah...right, but males have all that astonishing feathers, so why so much noise!? Everyone knows how easily ladies can get headaches! ;)

I'd love to see you dressed as a farmer and shearing sheep, hahaha

Pumpkin balls is stunning my heart better. glorious and enjoyable trip with your familiar in this farm area. peacock & rabbit really nice with my eyes.. All photos with article gave to me long experience. Waiting your next festive photo shots @ats-david.

Billy looks so cute!!! bleeeehhhhh~~~

I remember we used a lamp like that blue one on your pic above back in my grandparent's house back in the old days .. it surely would cause barn fires cause you have to fill it with gas .. a spill would really cause fire if it gets titled while one is sleeping at night
the good thing about it is that .. the moths love them back then

that's a lot of pumpkins to feed the whole city and give the food bank ^ ^

I hope the rabbit has a better cage than this cage. A cage of metal wire is not particularly comfortable for such a soft animal. It needs a little hay at least.


I think they just use that cage for petting hours. They had a separate area for them for sleeping and eating and playing and stuff.

Im sure that lantern is the one Mrs O'Leary's cow kicked over....hope that doesnt happen again!

I think they need to cut back the iron they are feeding that first bunch of chickens!

My goat, Casper, always did the same kind of pose.



My goat, Casper, always did the same kind of pose.

Yeah, it's weird that they always look up at you like that when you're leaning over a fence above them. Must be something genetic.

Chickens are soulless. You should have slain them!!


Who says I didn’t?


Ah splendid! That puts me in the mood for a bit of chicken slaying... I have a very special tool for it

@ats-david, Before tell anything i ask from you prob its are you professional photographer? I mean professional, you taken clicks from farm surrounding areas very clearly. Look at these very smooth and grand visualization. Huge pumpkin was attractive mind from last your farm post. But our country s pumpkin different style. color, size and style change.
Another farm equipment is awesome lot of one destroyed or antique one. Farm surrounding area very beautiful with entire flowers and birds. I dont need say any more words. Absolutely brilliant blog.

A lovely read and great images!

What an awesome day you all had @ats-david ! Its been many years now since my kids have grown and we went to corn maze ! Brings back memories ! Thanks for sharing your story and your awesome photos with us , they turned out great !!😊 🚜

wow..just amazing..i really love your photos @ats-david

Oh God, I really cracked up over the seven layers of animal fur on your furniture comment- we have a Great Pyrenees, she is beautiful...but the shedding is awful and never ending!
Fortunately for us our local Amish store was giving away tons of colorful gourds when I went in a few days ago, and I have a basket on every surface...well on a few surfaces, hopefully you're right about the distraction from the hair ;)

I loved that peacock part....it seems that the peacock is smarter then you my friend....lol 😂


I like those knife, how long u brought this.

Amazing farm, I also like farm and farming , stay blessed

Great farming blog, thanks for it

Nyc Post!! I like Your Posts!!

Oooh, show that horse some love. I want to give him a hug.

wow very awsome photos 💕
keep it up and always be happpy 💕

i can spot my wonderful horses :) looking forward to your festive pics...

These goats looks like the want to have cheese, ah, the fun you had was so good, lol. Sometimes one need to take a time off, and spend a moment with family watching these goats

Thank you for sharing, I follow you with pleasure

Funny post. I enjoyed your comments on all of the photos. What a fun day! 🐓🐓

Bountiful post will dony

Amazing photography , what’s your lens ?

This made me laugh out loud multiple times. I absolutely love your sense of humor. And it was an enjoyable trip through the farm, too.

beautiful pictures, excellent post, I invite you to go through my blog, greetings

I normally come here just for the trolling, but you have a really good eye for photography. You should post this stuff on steemit.com

Hahaha I really like the humor in your post @ats-david. Accompanied by some very interesting pictures too! The one with the squash-gourds, right before the one with the tractor, is truly beautiful. A very nice still-life you captured there man. Great post!

I just released my 8th #photofeedback. If you have some time, will you maybe read it and tell me what you think?

Have a great evening

Nice pics of a lovely day. Such a well-organized farm... can't say that about Cambodian farms. hehe. Need to get some photoshop skills... need more hours in a day for that though! When are they inventing a day of 48 hours.. maybe I should look into modafinil or nootropic after all... less than my regular 8-9 hours sleep could help solve the problem too hehe.

Awesome pictures. We have lots of farms around where I live too.. and Autumn is my favorite season. The kids love it too. Picking pumpkins, apples, and riding pony's, whats not to love! :-)