Infinite shapes / Formas infinitas

in #photographylast year


Depending on how you look at it, we can see an apparently concrete object and with its well-defined limits, but if we allow ourselves to expand the panorama a little, perhaps we will be able to reveal forms that at first glance remain hidden.

I enjoy seeing how an apparent naive game of perspective and mirror can open up what seems like infinite universes.

In this game, repetition becomes a resource with which we can access other levels of perception.

A kaleidoscope is constantly creating and repeating shapes and colors depending on how we combine angulations and movements. In music, rhythms in ritual contexts are often monotonous, as are prayers repeated over and over again.

William Blake said:
If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.

PD: all this pictures and writing are from my authorship



Según como se mire, podemos ver un objeto aparentemente concreto y con sus límites bien definidos, pero si nos permitimos ampliar un poco el panorama, quizás logremos develar formas que a simple vista permanecen ocultas.

Disfruto al ver cómo un aparente ingenuo juego de perspectiva y espejo puede aperturar lo que parecen universos infinitos.

En ese juego, la repetición se convierte en un recurso con el que podemos acceder a otros niveles de percepción.

Un caleidoscopio va constantemente creando y repitiendo figuras y colores según la forma en que combinemos las angulaciones y los movimientos. En la música, los ritmos en contextos rituales suelen ser monótonos, al igual que las plegaria repetidas una y otra vez.

William Blake decía:

Si las puertas de la percepción quedaran depuradas todo se habría de mostrar al hombre tal cual es: infinito

PD: Todas las fotos y escritos son de mi autoría


This looking like female and male energy consummate their energy to form another level of consciousness

Wow! I loved your interpretation, in many indigenous cultures there are deities that are masculine and feminine at the same time, that idea fascinates me and undoubtedly requires another level of consciousness that breaks with the binarism that we are used to in western cultures.

Growing up I saw many illustrations like this on my ancestors drawing or on their crafty arts. Only in my adult time, after reading about this energies on the esoteric books, its bring me back the memories of all those graphic I saw back then and they actually have a meaning similar to the one I read.

Interesting reflection, much to learn, unlearn and relearn, regards!

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Wao excelente foto amigo

Hola! gracias por comentar! :)

Cool photo, it is fun to see shapes like that in nature.

That's right! it's fascinating to see all the geometry contained in nature, regards!

puedo observar nuevas formas. me gustaria estar en ese lugar.

Hola Marcelo! Gracias por tu comentario!