How are you liking the Olympics? And taking a photo of a photo, is like being inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation. Inside the Matrix, inside a taco; inside a taco, within a Taco Bell, that's inside a KFC, and in a mall, that's inside your brain. INSIDE another Giant...........

Oh, I know what it is, is it a bearing? I'm proud to know that because I'm a girl)))

Photo inside the photo😮😍. and the wheel looks so interesting👍.Great Click📷👌 @asmolokalo

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lol, were you trying to recreate the olympics logo or something? lol. i could remember playing with those while i was a kid. how we would make moving cars then and enjoy riding them as kids.

download (6).jpg

great photos @asmolokalo

true... the Olympics yes,,then there is already, an classical pyramid.... im cleaning my bearings actually :)

Yeah you right the Olympics yes,then there is already, an classical pyrami.




For amateur photography is a very good photo, the main idea is excellent! Thank you @asmolokalo

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Wow, seems your new device has a lot bearings. Amazing machine. :-)

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Ha ha ha type of funny photography! Like 7 cycle Olympic logo lol :D Nice one dude!
A photography capture by another photography!


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Nice arrangement. What brand of phone is that?

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