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Do You Like Sunrise and Sunsent ?

Sunrise is like a baby, from it there is hope and the future. For that, babies born with special conditions are often given the best possible treatment, because there is a future in the baby. Meanwhile, the sunset is like an elderly person, there is a beauty / happiness that must be given even if only for a moment. In terms of health services, both should be given services (actions) as best and optimal as possible, at least to be able to improve the quality of life.

In this philosophy, the sunset is likened to a beauty or happiness and will be overtaken by a night likened to death. On the basis of this, a person who is involved in the world of health, especially clinicians, should provide services and actions as good and optimal as possible with efforts to improve the condition of elderly patients, even if only briefly or even the next day died. But at least, these efforts improve the quality of life of the patient's quality of death if in the end the patient dies and the happiness of the patient.

Such a concept is also naturally and should be brought in daily life, with respect to caring for people today) elders, especially our Father and Mother. Every human being will experience the elderly phase, if given a long life by god, including us. Each of us certainly want a quality old days. Happy old days and happy with the people closest and useful. This is also what each of our parents might wish for. Then how far our efforts to offer the best for the happiness of our parents, which must first reach the elderly ?

When wanting to give happiness, look at them as Subjects rather than just Objects. The object is the view of us. Maybe some of us assume that the things that make parents happy when given a facility that 'wow', bought this is what we think is best for them or even exaggerated needs even though we are not with him. It could not hurt, because every child would want to give something best for his parents. But look at it again. Are you sure our parents want it? I do not think it's all that way. For that it is necessary to make them as Subjects in happiness. The subject here means the parents as the determinants of happiness, and we who (try) make it happen. This we can do with know what he wants and what makes him happy. Perhaps, simple things like dinner together for example or talk together is one of the more happy things. For many parents, the presence of children by his side is a thing that is often expected and more happiness.

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