Yellow Flower photography

in photography •  2 months ago

Hey Flowers lovers .

How are you all ?

I am Flower lover from pakistan and find daily new flowers for all my steemit followers and friends . Today just i find Yellow flower and take some clicks .

Hope so everyone like this ..

Love you All

Happy @Steemit

Thank you Everyone . <3


Thank you ! @askquestion

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Thanks to all of you friends

Wao Yellow flower looks so beautiful,I m also from pakistan,Flowers are more important for our good health, flowers gives you fresh air,yellow flower is my favrite flower,your photography is so cool,thanks for sharing,

how to be succesful on steemit share ur experience sir.

Wow beautiful> You can visit my yellow sunflower.I am happy to see it. Thanks my friend.

In my place this flower named by Sun Flower, because the form and structure like sun. Keep steem on sir @askquestion. God bless you

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Hello Friend,
Your post was cool and the photo too !!!
Here in Brazil this beautiful flower we call the Gira Sol.



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@askquestion its really have shot really nice picture.keep sharing.

Nice post of yellow flower and i like it in my village bandi maria they have many flowers

@askquestion very great photography, i too love flower so much and sunflower looks wonderful....

Beautiful photography Bhai boht achy Vote by me and follow thanks


Very nice photography.All flowers are very nice.I like your all flowers.


Thanks so much and most welcome

Congratulation aakquestion for your Yellow flower photographyflower-3140492__480.jpg