Dark pink Focus Photography

in photography •  3 months ago

Hi . Good night friends

Hope so everyone doing well .

in recent post i share pink flowers to my all @weku friends . Now its Night time then i will share with all my @weku friend Dark pink flower to my friends .

Thanks to all of those who support me in my every post . must resteem my all post i shall be thankful to all of you ,


Thank you ! @askquestion

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Beautiful flower. I would like to know the name and see more pictures of this flower in different angles.

I have a picture of a pink flower that you would love. Because when I took it, a bee just came out of it. Hahaha

great appreciate you dear one vote by me have a look on mine thanks


Great appreciate
You dear one vote by me have
A look on mine thanks

                 - princeuk12

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good night u too thnx for flower

Beautiful clicked 😄😄😄

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Wooow great click !!

Waooo que belleza de flor, acá en Venezuela hay una parecida a esa flor y de color blanco, rosado, naranja,rojo, amarilla llamada cayena. Visten mucho los jardines y cuando hay de diferentes colores se ven genial.

wow such a nice beautyfull flower. and representation of great photography art very nicly done dear askquestion (69)

I liked your post. Thanks to you.

Muy buena tu fotografía, ! @askquestion

Your photography is very good! @askquestion

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