Awesome Red Color Flower !! Petals

in #photography2 years ago

Hello Steemians . Goooood morning .

Hope so everyone like my photography and like flowers .

I love the red color and i like this flower a lot . cause petal of this flowers are looking awesome . flowers fragrance is my weakness . daily i find new flowers for my friends and try to capture best clicks .

thanks to all of you friends . Thanks for your support . love you all .



Thank you ! @askquestion


@askquestion hello 👋 sir Wow looks very beautiful red rose flowers of this time, it is brightening like this, some say to us, flowers help to maintain our natural beauty, flowers are used in many of our work, but flowers are not always available at all, most of them Flowers, flowers are available in the season. Do you think, when we can see more flowers than ever

Looking so very beautiful.

Joba! it was amazing flower photography.
keep posting my friend.

beautiful red

Se ve muy bonito ese color rojo

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Beautiful,really beautiful

@askquestion Flower are really have shot them perfectly,its great to see such beautiful flowers in the morning.keep sharing.

it looks like a sign of divinity hidden under crimson colors ... very good capture ... good vibes

Beautiful Red Flower

same to you urdu bolna walia bhai hahaha

beautiful photo, although the color is more pink than red, it is beautiful

They should invent a new name for that red and call it WoW RED !!!!

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They should invent a new name for that red and call it WoW RED !!!!

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beautiful roses... I like your photography keep it on ..

lovely flower

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