Bhot hi zaiyda red color k phool ki tasaweer

in photography •  15 days ago

Hello Steemian's !!

Subhaa bakhairr sub ko

dua karta hon sub theeek hon gye jeseee k ap mujheee jante han main ap logo se flowers ki pics aur natura khubsurti ki pics share karta hon .

aur ap sub bi bhot like karte ho is le rozz ap se new new pics share karta hon yw red rose hain mujhe ye tu nahi pata k e kon sa flower hain lekin jo bi hain kamal ka hain .

iski smell ni hoti busss daikhne main hi pyera lagata hain wese tu flowers bhot zaiyda kismo k hain even gulab k phoool ki hi baaat kare tuuu 1000 plus kism k hote hain tu flowers sub ko hi ache lagte hain mujhee ap sub logo se ache lagte hain ap log soch bi nahi sakte ho kitne ache lagte hain bhot hi zaidaa achee lagte hain

buss yar ap sub log bi phoool ki pics share kia kareee aur enjoy kia karee life ko waqat ka kia pata agay kia hone wala hain tuuu tnt chore aur enjoy kare aur sub k le dua kia kareee .

main aj city se bahir ja raha hon tu main itna kam nahi kar sako ga aj ummeed hain subha tak wapis a jao kisi ne mere sath ana hain tu a jaye most welcome gup shup ho jaye gi tnt wali baaat nahi hain ..

Today i capture Red Rose Flower in my Rest House . Red is the color of extremes. It's the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Girls Also Like Red Rose and Red dresses for parties . <3


umeed hain apko bhot hi achi lagi ho gi main yerr kosish karta ho khubsurt pic lagi ho gi bhot zaiyda red color ko kon nahi pasnd ka/

duao ,main sub yaaad rakhnaa new post main milte hain bhot hi achi pics k sath umeed hain bhot maza aye gaa jo new post ani hain

aj k le red color hi maze ka tha aur umeed hain bhot pasnd aya ho ga .


Thank you ! @askquestion

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Wao Such a very impressive photography.You always wonderful capture.I really like flowers.Red is my favourite flower.Flowers are more important in our life.Thanks for sharing this great post.

Nice photo