White Rim Trail , Canyonlands National Park

in photography •  3 months ago

If you love offroading / 4x4 Moah, Utah is Heaven ! A few years back I rode my motorcycle from Dallas to Utah and back almost covering 4000+ miles. The highlight of the road trip was the 100mile offroad loop "White Rim Trail Canyonlands National Park near Moab , Utah. Here is a photo from the loop..


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Oh my!!! What a beautiful place! And yessir, I would LOVE to drive my 4X4 or my motorbike through that landscape, clicking the shutter of my camera like madness!!!! Whew!!!!
Oh, right, I forgot:
/copy /paste “Great picture, thanks for sharing! Please visit my profile too”
(Have a great and fun weekend!)


thank you

Very nice picture 😊

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thank you ! :)