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Man said to woman:

  • I love you,
    but how,
    as squeezing my heart like a vitreous thing in my palm,
    bleeding my fingers,
    as breaking,
    as going mad...
    Man said to the woman:
    -I love you,
    but how,
    deep for kilometers, straight for kilometers
    one hundred percent, one thousand and five hundred percent,
    unlimited percent...
    Woman said to the man:
  • I looked
    with my lip, with my heart, with my mind,
    as loving, as bewaring , as bending
    to your lip, to your heart, to your mind
    Whatever I am saying right now,
    you have taught me like a whisper in the dark..
    And from now on,
    I know:
    That the earth-
    like an alighted faced mother-
    is breastfeeding her last and the most beautiful son...
    But what can I do,
    my hair has tangled around
    the fingers of dying one,
    It is not possible to release my head!
    have to walk
    as looking at the new born
    child's eyes
    have to walk
    as leaving me...
    Woman stopped talking.
    A book fell off to the ground
    a window was closed
    source: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/bir-ayrili%C5%9F-hikayesi-brake-story.html

    Ben Ceren ,

    All photos , story and drawings are belongs to me. @originalcontent - @originalworks If you like my works please resteem and upvote.. Thank you for your support and valuable comments on my art.

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Bu nasıl bir simetri yakalamaktır.


Üşenmedim ölçtüm :) Harika!


haha :D teşekkürler

Hello, just a note to say 'hey' on here. I hope all is well with you these days, we miss you on Steemit. Though many people are quite quiet these days. Think it is summer and the busy time of year. Cheers.


hey dear friend.
I miss you too!
my health is a little better. I hope I will be on more steemite platforms in a short time. :) thank you for your kind message


Glad to hear it. Just take care of yourself, and when you get back, it will all be back to the fun. Take care, dd


I've shared a photograph. I will make a quick return my friend :)

just breath taking.

That's an awesome shot! Resteemed!

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