Soap Bubble Photography Opens Up New Dimensions

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Being that I am now furloughed from work I thought it best to occupy myself with something other than the T.V. For a while now my camera has been gathering dust after being overshadowed by my new drone, however, the UK weather right now is pretty dismal and finding opportunities to fly my drone is becoming few and far between. So, like a fat kid on the substitute bench, I pick out my camera to fill the void...

After looking into droplet photography and finding out I would have to splash out over £150 to get the results I'd seen in a recent post by @beautifulbullies I decided to find a different photography challenge. After sifting through the suggested videos on Youtube, I came across something called "Bubble Photography" which looked quite interesting. Unlike droplet photography, this technique only required very basic equipment (all of which I had), and the results you could achieve looked pretty impressive.

Once I'd set up the kit and began playing around with all the different variations of liquids, camera settings, lighting, and lenses, I actually surprised myself and managed to capture some great images. It wasn't long before I started really enjoying myself, which led me to the use of some interesting props...








I took so many photos it's quite hard to choose a favourite. Every image has its own unique qualities and I would certainly recommend giving this a go. So which image is your favourite? I'd love to know...

I did intend to do a video tutorial but then I remembered that my microphone on my phone doesn't work very well. Instead, I have listed the items you will need below and I have also left a link to the Youtube tutorial that I found most helpful.

If you would like to give this a go all you'll need is the following;

  • A camera(obviously)
  • A macro lens or an extension tube fitted to any basic lens(50mm or above worked best for me)
  • A soft light
  • Fairy Liquid
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Sugar/Syrup/Honey/Glycerine
  • Straw
  • A black surface to use for background (I used a blanket)

video channel (please subscribe, this guy has some great idea!)

I hope you have found this post interesting. If so, give it an upvote or reblog it so others can enjoy it too! Thanks for stopping by.

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