Skin~ A Poem

in photography •  last year

Indecently decent
A smile under the sheets
A soft body
Speaking a language
Only you can hear
You feel a caress
In a subtle whisper
A tremble
Of a waist between your palms
A deep kiss
In places unseen
To others
Only you
You hold this key
We make love in a window
Voyeurs feed off
The scene of our skin
Vanille and brandy
A dark jazz tune
We feed their frenzy
And then
Close the windows to

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Voyeurs feed off
The scene of our skin...

MMmmm, you know it.


Hey voyeur hey☺️

I know this isn’t the point, but you have gorgeous fingernails!


Thank you! I love having natural nails, it’s so much easier than getting fills!


With nails like that it would be crazy to pay for acrylics! I used to get mine done once in a blue moon, but soon realized my natural nails were prettier- not to mention free!


It’s expensive plus I don’t have the patience, I just moisturizer, use nail oil before bedtime and buff and file once a week💜

Wow wow wow. 😝😝😝😝


Aww thank you ☺️

Love x 1000


Right back at you!

I have followed brother @artedellavita and upvote so esteem friend upvote @fikar21 thank you

I pounded reading it :D :D

The poem has a nice-ish sentiment but is full to the brim with cliche. Almost every line. Hope you don't mind the criticism.


Not at all. I appreciate you stopping by!