Advantages and disadvantages of HDR

****Hello dear friends of hive here is another publication about the photographic potential applied to HDR.****

**First let's review the classic concept of HDR **

The High Dynamic Range or as it is expressed by its acronym HDR is the ratio of the illuminated or light areas against the shadows in a photograph.


Some years ago, when I was studying photography, I stopped for some time in order to analyze how the HDR works. With a Nikon d3100, I made 3 photographs of a landscape, for example one correctly exposed, another one under-exposed and one over-exposed, and I managed to obtain complete data in RAW format and then I processed the 3 unified layers and mixed them to finally obtain the HDR.


The main advantage of HDR is that you can take a high definition photograph of a picture with all the details in the high light and low light areas giving a higher contrast to a picture that usually can end up being against light or overexposed burning the background completely.


It is also ideal for landscapes, architecture, skies, sunsets and nature, I do not recommend it for portraits as the portrait is usually processed with a bit of softness.


The HDR can make a photograph look unreal and exaggerated this is exactly what we must take care, all the explanations I have given so far are applied to digital photography with reflex cameras, mirrorless however, our Smartphones have HDR option and is very efficient in most brands.



Another disadvantage is the fact that not all photography is suitable for HDR, to be successful we must know at what time of day is optimal for this function. For example in the evening is vital because if you do not use this effect is likely to generate an effect against light, in a landscape is vital because we can take advantage of the lakes, vegetation and sky, we must only make several captures to verify if they are well executed.



Otherwise it is easy and fun to take pictures with HDR, feel free to experiment, make the picture alive.


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