Golden Hour - Santa Monica California

in #photography3 years ago

Friday gave us one of those memorable Golden Hours
January 29, 2021 from Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California





Ricoh GR III

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That's a great shot... a cowboy at the beach watching the sunset? Where's the horse?

Almost funny. That is actually my neighbor, Jonnie walking her dog.

Joanie like Andy's mom! Makes sense. I can actually see it!!!

Wow... Impressive that your brain still has memory cells... Yes it's Andy's mom.

I see you be improving on your witty comments! Keep practicing, you be almost funny!!!

Number two looks like an atomic bomb !! We are covered in white and only the snowmobilers are having fun. :(

I didn't notice that! It does look like an A-bomb! I'v heard about the snow all the way to Boston. I don't miss those days!

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It is so breathtaking to see all your sunset photos @armentor :D

Thank you again!


Thank you!

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Much appreciated!

Looks amazing! I miss the Cali sunsets. We have some pretty amazing sunsets in AZ as well.

Thank you! Yes you do, especially during the summer with those storm clouds!

You are welcome! Yes!! The monsoon season is insane for sunsets.

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