Fire in the Indian Ocean

in #photography4 years ago


Mauritius regularly offers flamboyant sunsets. Those who have had the chance to contemplate them know the plainness that accompanies them. Here at "Trou Aux Biches" in the northwest of the island.


That was sizzling hot! :) Sunset photography is really amazing. It will make you thank God for his wonderful creation.
Two thumbs up for this stunning photo you shared. Cheers :)

Thank you very much for your comment ! For my part, I prefer to thank chance. But the result is the same ;-)

that's also the other thing to be thankful about I agree, chance. Cheers! :)

Fire! Great sky :)

Absolutely beautiful!

Very beautifull ...

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This is truly a magnificent photo.

The colors alone are brilliant. And to me, it almost looks like it's 3D. Kudos to you!

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