The real beauty of flowers.

in #photography5 years ago (edited)

Yesterday i walked into my roof at tht time i saw some beautiful flowers which r planted by my mother.She really loves flowers becoz flowers r the source of beauty . When the flowers blossoms it spreads thr fragance.. 😍

Evrybody love flowers fr their sweet smell.. Each of the flowers hv a indiviual colours..

Icnt resist my temptation from being captured this photos with my smart phone.

I think evryone should plant flower tree becoz they saves the ecological balance of the environment.

Im nt a gd photographer bt i will try. If u like my photos plz visits my blog & upvote me.

Thnxxx fr having a gd time.☺


Good evening, I'll follow you and vote for you in the publication, if you can help me I'll thank you.

Thnxxx fr upvoting me mam. I wil try my best to help u. ☺

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