Another Pretty Sunset.

in #photography4 years ago


I think this one came out pretty nice. Good colors and proportions, plus those clouds are quite interesting and dramatic looking in my opinion.

Also, I was out filming the other day in the rain and I got drenched and was cold and about to just give up and go home and then... A really nice double rainbow came out and I think I got some pretty good shots. :) Will be sharing some of those in the next couple of days probably.


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beautiful view

Awesome. 😊

Nice sunset. The way the colors progressively change is neat. It's sort of like a rainbow itself in a way. I look forward to seeing your next photos.

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That's nice, I think it looks like a big spaceship with very nice colors.

That's nice, I think it
Looks like a big spaceship with
Very nice colors.

                 - irvinesimages

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