Fossil hunt. Ammonites from the Triassic era.

in photography •  last year


I'm totally missed the triassic era ammonites from my collection. After some research and investigation, I found some sites by the north side of the Lake Balaton.
Here is a few picture from the sites and the finds... ;)

First stop.
After a few minutes of searching on the hilltop I've seen that somebody has the same hobby. Then it was easy to find a good layer.





Around 12:00 I decided to stop here. I had some nice finds. (Those are waiting for the preparation. I will upload them later). And go to check the second place. Only 30 minutes driving and I'm there.

The wiew from the first site and the surroundings:





The road to the second place. It was easy to drive a few kilometers on this.


And the place itself:


Somebody was here before me. It was easy to find the good stone layers, just like before in the first site.


And at last! I have one of the nicest ammoninte specie from Hungary.
The Balatonites balatonicus.




More pictures after the preparation.... ;)

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Thank You! :)

What beautiful fossils @apcsak so much fun to hunt for them,
Thank you for showing us your finds! Years ago I got a chance to
hunt for some in Germany, so exciting each find :-)


Thanks good lead.

Very nice fossils, I found your post because of @shasta resteem.