Flower snowdrop

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Widely grown in forests, gardens and gardens, The snowdrop flower has 20 species and originates from Europe. The white green flowers that have this beautiful form of calm live in fertile soil and have plenty of sunlight. Some species or species of snowdrop flowers are vulnerable and fall into the category of endangered flower due to the over-exploitation of these plants from nature.

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Banyak tumbuh di hutan, taman dan kebun, Bunga snowdrop memiliki 20 spesies dan berasal dari Eropa. Bunga berwarna hijau putih yang memiliki bentuk cantik kalem ini hidup di tanah subur dan memiliki banyak sinar matahari. Beberapa jenis spesies atau jenis bunga snowdrop dikabarkan rentan dan termasuk kedalam kategori bunga yang terancam punah karena eksploitasi berlebihan tanaman ini dari alam



Great picture, what kind of camera are you using?

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Great picture, what kind of camera are you using?

Great picture, what kind of camera are you using?

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