Beautiful Flower

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I also said that about r2cornell,he is a good person & have a fresh mind.When i am new at steemit platform i don't know why i start .In this time i found r2cornell post garden picture.When i am in child my hobby is gardening .Suddenly this gardening plan play on my my & i am so inspired about gardening.Now i am feel so fresh.

And i also thanks this person who upvote me at my 1st post on steemit platform ,i earn my 1st money of his.

"@Hebrew & @r2cornell "Thank you so much
Please pray for me and suggest me for success


This is beautiful, showing appreciation to the first person that upvoted your post on steemit... I wish i knew the first person that upvoted mine, i would be doing what you are doing now.

Anyways, lemme join you to appreciate them as well, given honor to whom honor is due.

Thank you @hebrew and @r2cornell for making @aowal202 a happy person on steemit today.

Great post @aowal202! Keep it up.

Thanks my friend's