Amazing blog post @anwenbaumeister thank you for sharing this! I do videography and saw you up-voted one of my video posts (Cali in 4K!! )I am now following you and I appreciate your support!


That's beautifully unreal.
Look like something extraterrestrial or some 3d fractals.

But NATURE made them!

Nice pictures. Looks like a fun place to explore. Reminds me of a movie I saw.

Beautiful words and photography.

Nice work you have here, would love to see more of it. Followed

Arizona Whoaaaa!!! Really awesome place. Your photos are so gorgeous and the colors are soo vibrant!
voted and followed.I work on poetry have alook hope you like
Takecare 🌹

very nice look,, i wil folow n upvote back done

Wow! Amazing photos. The body of earth! Upvoted and resteemed :)

Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing.

follow me i will follow you and upvote all your future post lets work together

awesome, It seems like an illusion,I will put on my list of places to visit. :-)

Looks otherworldly! Your photos went well with my last beer tasting post so I linked your there and sent people your way! I hope it gets you some clicks ;)

I used your picture, if you want it edited, do say!

Also, 100% upvote here! Cheers

@anwenbaumeister - As an artist and photographer, I admire these pictures. They are so beautiful. Now I need to visit Antelope Canyon in Arizona to see this canyon from my eyes and hope I'll be able to get same good pictures as clicked by you.


Steem ON

I never realised you were back!

This looks very cool...I want photography this too :)

Stellar pics! What a magical place. Love the collage at the end.
When I got to go there a few years ago, it started raining, and the guides freaked to get everyone out. Supposedly it's super dangerous and susceptible to flash floods. It's power matches its beauty.

Uau!!! Amazing.

Wow absolutely stunning!!! I really wanna be there one day. Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming.... if I visit the states it will be a long trip I think. Should I go elsewhere? Any suggestions - must-sees??

Wow very amazing photos @anwenbaumeiste

Thanks @anwenbaumeister
I have got a great valuable vote from you .I felt really happy and I will try the best to forward.
I am from Myanmar steemit community.

awesome post .keep posting ,upvoted

Lovely photos and words. The canyon looks like a really special place, amazing the result millennia of geological processes have had to create an entire natural work of art.

very amazing
followed you @anwenbaumeister

Nice canyon....very very amazing.. @anwenbaumeister ..

Nice picture ..

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Wow, this looks amazing! A treasure! I will think of these pictures when I am meditating next time 😍

hello !very nice post ! if you like some from my posts Resteem me. have a nice day

Anwen, I know I've commented on this already, but thank you so much for your support on my recent post, it means so much to me!

and wonderful prose! powerful text!

@anwenbaumeister, your pics are gourgeous! you have shown angles of the subject as breathing beings :)


@anwenbaumeister. Thank you already vote my writing.

I just used steemit media.
I look forward to your knowledge and experience.
Please guide you.
I am from Indonesia.
I am a student.

Superb .
Really feeling cool and refreshed .
Great shots my friend @anwenbaumeister !
Became fan of you .

I heard about this place but never made it there. Every picture looks really calm but is it very crowded there as a tourist?

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