Unique flies, and blood sucking

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Hello, all of Steemit's friends, I hope to be healthy and pleasant always surfing the social media steemit for sure.

Wow, this is one type of animal that is very unique, which I found in one of the gardens belonging to the villagers (Kebun Zakaria). I need to bring my Macro Lens to beautify my smartphons camera, so the picture looks more beautiful. And I also think! This animal [image] is very suitable to participate in the #animalphotography contest organized by @juliank.

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This animal is called a fly, and looks so unique. This animal is very calm, resting on green leaves. And give me a short time to get the picture and make it famous everywhere [exsis].


This type of fly is usually I've seen it suck blood on farm animals, like in livestock: cattle, goats, horses, and the like. Maybe I think! The blood that is smoked on the farm animals is used as food. Another example we know as a mosquito that sucks blood.



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Very nice macro photography! Those insects don't exactly hold still very long and pose for the camera. I think I have been bitten by flies similar to that before. Sometimes they can be very aggressive and bite hard.

yes, friend @lightsplasher. Sometimes these flies like to bite, not only us, livestock animals like to be bitten by this fly. Because of this type of fly! It bites hard [aggressively] and sucks blood.

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