[Namibia 2017] Quiver Trees of Namibia

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What words are there to describe a place that appears as if from a dream?

Namibia is a landscape of extremes, its east and west dominated by desert, and many of its horizons characterized by the stark contrast of terra cotta against the brilliant blue of sky. And there are contradictions in this place; the Kalahari Desert, in the east of the county, isn’t a desert. Though it has the severe, sunbaked look of the desert, the Kalahari in fact gets too much rain to be considered an actual desert. During the rainy season, the Kalahari’s vleis, or pans, can be inundated.

Extreme conditions have led to extreme forms of life in Namibia. In the not-quite-a-desert landscape of the Kalahari, curious life forms take shape. Reading about Namibia doesn’t prepare a person for seeing the place.

Perched near the invisible border where the Kalahari Basin does, in fact, become something approaching a desert, is the Quiver Forest, a landscape unlike any other. The trees that give the area its name are not technically trees, but large, ethereal plants that have the shape and height of trees but look like nothing else. The Afrikaners called the trees kokerboom, but because their fibrous, pulpy trunks are easy to hollow out and were once widely used as quivers for arrows for bushmen, they are known as quiver trees.

The trees are naturally found in only this one relatively small part of Africa, and typically grow alone, like curiously-formed sentinels guarding the landscape. There are fewer than two hundred of them left in the world. That’s why the Quiver Forest is special — it’s the only place in the world where the trees have clustered together to form a forest, and the result is magical, like something conjured from a child’s imagination. Seeing the forest at dawn with a pale pink sunrise breaking over the horizon is a moment of unspeakable majesty and wonder.

Technical details:

CameraNikon d810
LensNikkor 16-35 f/4
SettingsISO 250, 21 mm, f/8, 30 seconds
TypeSingle shot
HDRAdditional exposures for highlights

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Is an interesting tree @ansharphoto, due to the fact that it looks like the tree has grown upside down. The leaves look very much like roots.

great picture, very good post, thank you.

Great photos! Never seen trees like them in here. 😄

Nice bro @ansharphoto

Looks like animation or Wakanda from Marvel.

You post awesome.....

awesome photography....friend
really very nice post...dear

a very beautiful tree

a different and very beautiful photo

Really cool! Can't believe they aren't actually trees, but what else would you call them? Unfortunate there are so few left. Great picture and informative. I didn't have much desire to visit Namibia before seeing this.


you are awesome

Cool trees...Soon I go there too and make some photos :)


@foxkoit Great!


These big trees look weird there all time... this makes them cool :)

Great photo and coloring.
Keep it up!

I have never seen these trees before. Looks very nice to see. just beautiful!

Nice ur post😊
Good luck my friend @ansharphoto👍
Keep it

@ansharphoto, you were visiting extraterrestrial lands!

wow!! Just amazing!! what a nice pic it is!! I'm really amazed to see this -

Wow! @ansharphoto, photo is really just like from a dream.

Amazing plants, and these plants reflecting as they seeded at particular places, that's why it's reflecting as limited and addon effect in this picture are those rocks. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Thank you. This photo shared this photo is very nice. This is an awesome photo, and you're really a good photographer.

Great place to see, well written about extreme conditions to live. That created so different to us life forms :)

Wonderful photo @ansharphoto
First time I have seen these type of trees.
Amazing :)

I see for the first time

that is really a great post , to know about the product and nature .. in one thing there are many thing to learn about

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These trees are amazing.