Street Art - Arte Urbano - 예술의도시 - PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO

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Today I decided to go on a bike ride to take some pictures of the street art in Playa del Carmen just so you be able to see the talent that roams this part of the world.

El día de hoy decidí salir en mi bici para tomar fotos del arte urbano que hay aquí en Playa del Carmen solo para que ustedes puedan ver la calidad y el talento que hay por esta parte del mundo.

I never use filters nor editor programs for the pictures, I like showing the reality. All of these were taken between 7 and 10 am and as you can see, some are not the best quality because i was on my bike but I hope you like them!

Nunca uso filtros ni programas de edición de fotografía, me gusta mostrar la realidad. Todas estas fotos fueron tomadas entre las 7 y las 10 de la mañana de hoy y como pueden ver, algunas no tienen una gran calidad porque estaba en la bici pero espero les gusten.

Next one was very tricky, I had to climb a fence and take it from the street.

La siguiente fue complicada, tuve que escalar una reja y tomar la foto desde la calle.

I hope you liked them!

Espero les haya gustado!


There is some fantastic talent roaming the streets and sharing their art all over the city down there. Nice photos!

Awsome drawings!

Thank you my friend!

Believe me, there is a lot. I got like 100 pictures. There is this guy that almost has 50% of all the street art here, like, he painted it. His name is Senkoe, you should search for him in facebook.

That's cool, he seems to be doing something he truly loves and a lot of people appreciate it I'm sure.

Tienes un espiritu de aventura de ORO y un nivel de apreciaciòn increible. in love with ur pictures

Espero poder seguir subiendo fotos como estas de todos los lugares que visite! Gracias por tus palabras :)

All these arts are good. Art with two men is the best.

Im glad you liked it my friend! My favourite is the one with the crocodile

Very cool pics. I wish I could do that well with spray paint.

I wish I could even picture that in my head! Let alone be able to spray paint it!
I draw but nothing more. Im glad you liked them :)

Amazing Artworks & Photography !

Im glad you liked them! Some pics of things like these in India would be just AWESOME, if there are.

Surely there, not In my city but in Delhi

Very creative and colorful!

I know right? People are amazing, i wish I could paint like these. At least I can take pictures and share them with you!

Con razón Alan me escribe que no apareciste y tengo un pedo por eso ahora...

Enjoying the photos and your articles, followed you. good luck!

Thank you! Im glad you like them! Im following you back :D
Tomorrow more coming!

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