Lunch Break

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I took my lunch break at this beautiful little pond today before I continued on to my next job.
I pretty much inhaled my peanut butter and honey sandwich I was so gosh darn hungry.
I walked around for just a little while and took a few pictures. I really didn't want to leave ...but I did.


(Cephalanthus occidentalis)



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@annephilbrick OMG how beautiful I LOVE the reflection of the trees on the water, sp perfect. I can see why you did not want to leave.

Thank You..!!
A wonderful place to have some lunch and take a deep breath before heading on to the next job.
The reflection on the water truly makes it doubly beautiful..😍...!!

Lovely photos :) Cheers :)

Thank You !!!!
Cheers :-D :-)

Those are absolutely beautiful! I love all the colors. I'm surprised you could make yourself leave. I might have just camped there forever!

Fantastic photos! Those reflections are so beautiful.
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Awesome !
Thank You !!!!!!!