Autumn Drive

in #photography6 months ago

The colorful autum leaves added some much needed cheer on a very cool and cloudy day.
I stopped in a couple of different places on my way home from work and snapped a few pictures.
It truly is wonderful time of the year and it's the only time of the year I actually look forward to driving.

I don't normally view poison ivy as beautiful... but it is in October.

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Yes! Wonderful autumn photos and eSteemapp worked how I expected it would. I first made a 10% vote and then went back and changed it to 20%.

Thank You!!
And I shall look into using the esteemapp.

Give it a try. Those of us who use it love it!

@annephilbrick Your seasons change very fast, just a few weeks ago everything was green.

It seems like Autumn changes the fastest with the leaves turning colors. I sure wish it would last longer its so beautiful..!! 🤗