🍂Tree Tuesday

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#treetuesday by @old-guy-photos

The quite simple beauty of leaves.


A Beech tree leaf relaxing on a stone in the shallow water on the river's edge.
In due time it will continue on it's journey downstream.


A Maple tree leaf embedded down into the ice.
I absolutely love discovering nature's amazing simplicity.


Beech tree leaves looking very crisp with the pure white snow.


Perfectly imperfect Beech tree leaves.
Insects from the past seasons have been chewing away at the leaves and they still proudly display such strong beauty and character.


Little Maple saplings with mighty big beautiful colorful Autum leaves.

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I absolutely love discovering nature's amazing simplicity.

Me too 🥰 Lovely photography and post.

Thank You..!!!!!!

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Thank You very very much ..!!!!!
Greatly appreciated ..😊🤗..!!!

You have a gift of capturing the purity of gifts in Nature in the most beautiful way.🌿

You do for nature photography what Anne Geddes does for baby photos! @annephilbrick

Thank You so very much for your wonderful and uplifting comment 💕.
Mother Nature is amazing..!!!🤗