The city covered the gray sky

in photography •  2 years ago

Hello friends! A little photo.

The city covered the gray sky. I'm not a photography professional. But I love to take pictures! I like to photograph nature. I always have to take a camera to take pictures of my pictures. Therefore it is a habit, always something to photograph. In these photos the cloudy sky! All day there were clouds, and for the evening these chuchi became dark. I like the clouds of red color.

Have a good mood! I ask to proceed to the vote! Thank you!
Love Andrianna  

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it looks like gray sky is get firing with red Hot Sun . ha haa. better to skip wires and cables my friend


Yes, that is right! thank you for message :)
I like your picture with two brothers. One pours water of another :)


you are welcome. thank you very much for visiting my profile as well. that was a typical Sri Lankan street scene . meantime you have amazing piece of art working skills . that comes from a combine of photography loving mind. cheers my friend

Photography nature good @andrianna


Thank you!
Do your girls read in your post? I wonder if they have enough light?


Yes it is not bright light.

rainy weather ?? :) i wish you enjoy alot


No, it was not raining.
I do not understand your last post!

Is this africa?


Wonderful sky!

just like the view



Thank you!
Very cool waves in your post, just for surfing :)


hehee, you alright my dear,

do you love surfing?

Waao very nice shot buddy, it's looks like heaven :)


Отошли мне кусочек этого неба - у нас опять +35 в тени(


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Nice view, nature is the most beautiful gift to man

Awesome pics! Where are they taken?