My mother is near the flowers.

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Hi Steemit friends! My mother is near the flowers.

Our trip to China

Passport of a frog-traveler 🐸

Recently they told me: "Why should I go anywhere from Chita? Especially in summer. Look, there's Arachley. "

Well, how about

My indignation level 80 lvl

The only advice is if you can get to know the world - use it! And "expensive" rest and on the Arachley can be, when on weekends all the more less than the norms of the base are bought up, but in the tent you do not want at all

We all build our own recreation. After all, if you try and run, you can find excellent economy options. The world is full of beautiful possibilities, the most important is to see them. Try, strive.

nelumbo nucifera

One of the largest and most beautiful representatives of the coastal flora. He prefers ponds with stagnant water and rivers with a small current. In favorable conditions the lotus forms extensive thickets. During flowering, huge pink flowers rise to a height of two meters above the water and against a background of wide bright green leaves are an unforgettable sight.

The flower is semi-double, large, on a high peduncle. The color varies from white to bright - scarlet. The shape resembles a water lily, but the petals are broader and less acute.When the flower is fully open, the pestle opens, has a flat shape. Around it are stamens with large yellow anthers. It has a pleasant scent. At night, the flower closes.

One flower forms several large seeds with a dense membrane, which, when the fetus ripens, can protect the embryo of the plant from drying out and lowering the temperature. Germination lasts for decades.It is listed in the Red Book of Russia (category - rare species). 

Привет! Моя мама =)

Наше путешествие в Китай

Паспорт лягушки-путешественницы 🐸

Недавно мне сказали: «зачем вообще ездить из Читы куда-то? Особенно летом. Вон, Арахлей же есть».

Ну как бы

Мое негодование уровня 80 лвл 

Совет единственный - если есть возможность познать мир - воспользуйтесь! А «дорогим» отдых и на Арахлее может быть, когда на выходные все более менее норм базы раскупают, а в палатке совсем не хочется 

Все мы строим свой отдых сами. Ведь если постараться и побегать, то можно найти и отличные эконом-варианты. Мир полон прекрасных возможней, главное их увидеть. Стараться, стремиться.

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Mom and flowers are both beautiful?

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I love mother ....and... Very... Very.. Beautiful flower beautiful friend.


many thanks!
"Yellow flowers photography" - UPPED

Wow, Beautiful Lotus flower, it is also called water lily. its my favorite flower.


Cityscape photgraphy - Idaho falls city"- upped)


Thank you 😊

Yeah love I do agree the world is after all with excellent possibilities :)

Rather more your mom she is adorable just like you :)

She's beautiful. I love my mom too 😍

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Very nice pictures!

I have been watching your blog ever since you got here, and I have seen pictures of your mom before, and also of your dad and cousin and others. All your family members look very nice!

The flowers look nice too. :)

When nature becomes nature..

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Nature is very beautiful. Amazing picture.

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