Dandelion flowers macrophotography

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The search for photography objects today is very tiring. I get a lot of photography objects with my friends @atjehblogger79 @marconah @alexsteem @digitalimaging,I have this dark dandelion flower photography object. I feel not satisfied with its beauty. A few days ago I also never capture this flower photography macros. I am trying to get back today to get a more detailed picture for this dandelion flower. I tried to take a picture using a smartphone camera and added a macro lens and added lighting using the lights. It looks a little different to the one I've taken before


Here are some pictures of black dandelion flowers that I capture by using a smartphone camera and adding a macro lens and using the lighting




Since getting to know photography I never get tired of looking for photography objects and looking for ways to get good image quality and I want to learn more about art photography

This is the type of macro lens I use. These lenses you can buy in some online shopping places, and the price is very affordable, hopefully this information useful. Thank you for visiting my blog


Taken with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 +Macro lens Nikon l810

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It's very amazing macro photo @anasz, I hope to get macro photos like this.

sure, we'll try it tomorrow morning

naturally they are colourful?

lighting effect

Nice and beautiful photography..

Thank you

perfect, i am waiting for new lens to arrive. hoping for more extraordinary results

it will probably arrive in a few days
many friends are waiting.