If you told me you were going to do 'dark with bubbles', I would have told you I was good with the dark but.... bubbles?! Huh?
Yup... good with the bubbles. You have done bubbles with dark VERY well! (Is your bath tub black? Cause that looks really kool! Makes a nice, classy, dark back ground.)

That last photo is just perfect! I know you can't control the bubbles too much. But what ever you did worked. I really like that one!

I loved the song too.. now off to YouTube to find more Bishop Briggs. I had never heard of her / them (?). I like it. Thank you for that too! :)

what?! You didn’t think I could make bubbles dark huh? Oh how you underestimate me 😉

Glad you like them, I wasn’t going to post them but figured why not...

Yes, black tub with black marble tile .. it does make a nice dramatic scene and set the tone pretty well here.

I got lucky with the bubbles, I just started shooting and let the bubbles move where they wanted, thank you 🙃

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