We are not allowed to play with time... for now. That is so unfair!

For now, we deal with the scars. Sounds like you have a few.
Wait... did she say she kept her exes in the basement?! Pleeeeease tell me you don't have bodies in your basement!!! Wait.. that is kind of kool. Don't give me ideas! 😆

The knife hidden under the pillow aside, Your photos look soft and huggable. I mean that as an innocent compliment. Please don't stab me. 😂

Lol.. no bodies in my basement and no knife under my pillow. Good song though 🙃

Whew! I'll let my guard back down again then.

Yes, a good song. I did listen to it about 3 times. Then again with lyrics cause I wasn't really sure what she was saying. But yup... I was hearing right!
Then, of coarse, got off on a YouTube tangent for a while. 😝

If I separate the lyrics away from your pictures, I see a different feeling in you. You don't seem angry, like "go away!". You seem sad that you are alone. Especially the last one.

That’s an interesting perspective.. I guess I don’t see the song as angry or “go away”.. the lyrics to me are more.. I won’t fake a smile anymore.. as I don’t have to. I have a weapon in my mind and keep a record of all the mistakes and all the distaste seen in the mirror.. but at the end of the day I don’t owe “you” a damn thing. Embrace the vulnerability and choose to be “a real nightmare rather than die unaware”... and you know I’m tired and angry, but somebody should be. I guess I think it is sort of a sad song, but somehow empowering. Can’t really explain it.. maybe the photos don’t match well, to me they let the lyrics speak with a softer and more vulnerable approach than maybe her video did. 🙃 Who knows.. I’m just sharing inner thoughts through photos.

Ah. A neutral strength. I like that!
I guess I didn't consider adding tools to the set and went all extreme with it. You have an intricate way of viewing life.

Loving the photos... share away! 😁

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