Shadow Self Portrait

in photography •  4 months ago


The abyss you stare into and that stares back at you is your reflection in the mirror - we all have it - that shadow self - that dark heart.

John J Geddes

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Why you so damn perfect?!? Some humans are just born with an absurd share of adorable and gorgeous all rolled up into one. You, my dear, are one of 'em. <3



Thank you dearest Zippy. I've got some good genes, it's true, and it took me a long time to see my beauty but I now know, im a lucky woman. Youre pretty darn adorable and gorgeous yourself!

The simple things that make you look twice... Not that you are a simple thing: far from it :-) But I really had to look twice to confirm this is actually one picture and not two glued together... Or is it two glued together... ;-) Especially the light, and lack thereof, in the eyes, make the whole more than the two halves...

Nice one Amy! 😍


Thank you for the great comment Winston! It is one pic, unedited, just me in the lovely sun and shadow :)

Often a smile dint hurt... But this time its a perfect pic withiut a smile

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Thank you :) XD :P

Love the pic and the philosophy you’ve included here. Life is about the play between light and shadow. 💞

Wowzers! Your eyes mesmerize! I could not tell when I met you cause you had on your sunglasses


thanks for your Autovotes , but 0.3% is not worth something ;-) keep in mind.