Photos from Mother nature..!!!!

in photography •  3 months ago

Hey buddy !!
Today I have special collection of pics...

I just wanted to share with you...!!!

A pics have thousands of words itself , so without wasting time lets jump into the pics..


few more clicks....


                                                                          ------------![37849262_1331452716957034_1914650627615490048_n (1).jpg](

Banyan tree


Another few click

Aerial prop roots of Banyan Tree


Photo courtesy !!! Bidyut Da!!

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The tree from "Pocahontas" ? :D


Sorry didn't get you properly!!!

Very nice photography.
Which camera do use to capture such lively pic?


I have not pictured it one of My friend Taken this shot!!!
NIKON but exact model number not remembered!!!


That's great...
Your friend has good sense of photography.


God Knows I have little knowledge on it...

Very good photography sir ,thanks for share


It if from our One friends cum Elder brother!!!

Really like these pics...look forward to seeing more.


Thanks for your appreciation.....@official.dwr

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